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Youth and Culture Center (YCC)

Access, loan and usage: Rules and Regulations
The Youth and Culture Center is a municipal public service of the city of Zouk Mikael, in charge of providing library resources that contribute to the culture, information, capacity building and activities of each and everyone. The public library welcomes readers of all ages, Monday through Friday from 09:00 am until 05:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am until 01:00 pm with the exception of public holidays.

Registration procedure:
Registration is undertaken by YCC librarians all year long. It is a mandatory procedure for the use of the multimedia and loan of any document or book. The access to on-site documents and books is however free of charge.

The book-loan requires holding a one-year valid “membership card” which can be obtained after submitting along a completed registration form and the following documents:
• A copy of the identity card;
• A recent photo;
• Payment of an annual fee of 15,000 L.L. per person or an annual fee of 50,000 LL per family of 4 or more;
• A 50.000L.L. deposit refundable at the end of the subscription or following a free-offence subscription (of 12 months) is required for every individual subscription and a deposit of 75.000LL for a family membership subject to the same terms.
Note: The membership card is a requirement for book loans and loan extensions. No access will be granted without the card. An extension of a book-loan period can be made through telephone once only, during the library’s open hours on: 09/213217

Friendly reader please:
• Present your “Membership card” for every book-loan and use of the multimedia services (internet and audio-visual equipments);
• You are accountable for books and magazines while on loan. Any damage to the books or magazines should be reported to the librarian; do not take the initiative to repair the book by yourself;
• Respect the loan period (fines are awarded for any delay).
Every member can only borrow 3 books at a time. The loan period is of 3 weeks, renewable once. The borrower is responsible for all borrowed materials and is required to take care of every book, and ensure the replacement or refund the price in case of damage or loss. If the book-loan period exceeds the prescribed period, the borrower is liable to a 2000L.L. fine per day. The return of documents does not exempt from the payment of the fine, and its non-payment results in membership suspension. By cons, it is possible to return the books separately, however the deadline for each return should be respected.

One can reserve 3 books/documents per card when these requested materials are on loan. The member will be notified by sms when the document becomes available. The document can be reserved for one week for the member to the claim, after then, the document will be reinstalled in the fund. Kindly notify the librarian should you not want to borrow the book anymore so it is made available for others.

Respectful usage:
• In order to respect the work of others, the silence is required within the library premises.
• Food, beverage and smoking are not allowed in the library. Mobile phones are to be turned off.
• The librarians are not supposed to supervise children whose responsibility lies on parents or accompanying persons.
• The library is not responsible for personal belongings of visitors/readers. It is not liable for any loss, theft or damage.
• Any abusive or aggressive behavior towards staff or other persons present within the premises will result in the exclusion from the library. The staff is in charge, under the direct responsibility of the Mayor of Zouk Mikael, of applying of the above listed Rules and Regulations.
For more information, contact us at:
Tel: 09-213217


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