Posted by: Joelle El Bittar | June 2, 2012

Honoring Antoine Rechdan, “a poet whose lyrics combine sheets of light and the revolution of a believer in the inevitability of change”

Under the auspices of H.E. Minister of Information Mr. Walid Daouk, the Youth and Culture Center – Zouk Mikael, held a ceremony honoring late poet Antoine Rechdan on the third memorial of his passing in the presence of Mr. Andre Kassas representing Minister Daouk, MP Neemtallah Abi Nasr, Mayor of Zouk Mikael and President of the federation of municipalities Keserwan-Ftouh Me Nouhad Naufal, President of the association of the Mukhtars of Kesrouan-Ftouh Mukhtara Josiane Khalil, Sami Khoueiri representing MP Sami Gemayel, President of the Lebanese Maronite Order Father Tanios Nehme, former MP Farid Khazen, Father Maroun Zougheib representing Bishop Guy Boulos Noujaim, Secretary General of Lebanon Development Union Crystel El-Chayeb, President of DiaLeb Dr. Jackie Kassouf Maalouf, Board Member of MEPI-LAA Sarah Abou Sleiman, Chairman of Liqaa Al-Ithnein Dr. Hikmat Hnein, Vice-Director of the Russian Cultural Centre Dr. Slava Shimin, members of the municipal council in Jounieh and Zouk Mikael and a large crowd of poets, writers and thinkers.

The ceremony was marked by the musical setting of ten poems in the album entitled “Revolution and Perfume” from among the three collections of the late poet: “Scent of Jounieh,” “The Stone of the Bee” and “Snow Grapes” written and performed by soprano Consuelle el Hage and tenor Joseph Jabbour and distributed by arranger Mario Nakouzi.

Anchor Elie Karash opened the ceremony with a word about the late “Antoine Rechdan, patron of the word, and one who has molded the letters to draw the words which express his feelings in an immortal way.”

Then the floor was given to the director of the Youth and Culture Center, Eliane Fersan in which she noted that “this work honors the thought of Antoine Rechdan and marks in our minds the words of the poet through the voices of Consuelle el-Hage and Joseph Jabbour and represents a serious competition to what is offered on the art scene such as heresies and musical delirium.”

Then poet Habib Younis spoke about his relationship with Antoine Rechdan through a long poem reflecting on his poetic world.

Finally, the representative of H.E. Minister Daouk, André Kassas, noted in his word that the poet “joined by his personality and subtle poets of mystical passions. Anyone who knew him could feel his transparency in dealing with others, whoever they were. ”

During the ceremony the poet’s son, Melhem Rechdan gave a word of thanks to all the collaborators in the success of this honoring event. Several of the poignant songs from the album were performed, including “Give me a reason,” “My land” “Expecting my love” and “Your eyes are light.”

On the third memorial of his passing: “Antoine Rechdan, a poet whose lyrics combine the brightness of light and the revolution of the believer in the inevitability of change”.


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