Posted by: Joelle El Bittar | December 8, 2011

“Secrets of the Soul” a book signing by Roula Azzi

“Secrets of the Soul” a book signing by Roula Azzi

The Youth and Culture Center – Zouk Mikaël organized, on Wednesday November 23 a book signing of “Khabaya Al-Rouh” or “Secrets of the Soul”, the 1st poetry book for Roula Azzi, a young Lebanese writer who decided to donate the proceedings of this publication to “Canne et Coeur”, a Lebanese NGO that supports the elderly.

Eliane Fersan, YCC director opened her speech by stressing on YCC’s role in supporting young talents: “we take pride at being the 1st municipal service that crosses the borders of conventional human development by working with youth on building their capacities and promoting their work”.

“Canne et Coeur” secretary, actor Ziad Said thanked Roula Azzi for her generous gesture. He continued: “nothing is more beautiful than to be accused of Love! That’s what Roula write in one of her poems, by which she admits her surrender to love, the love that she testifies to throughout her book”.

Roula than thanked all those who supported her while writing her book and vowed to continue in her artistic venture, dedicating her future work to other valuable causes.

Canne et Coeur was then featured in a short documentary followed by a Word of the President Fadi Younes, who thanked Roula and YCC for their efforts. The event was closed by a beautiful performance of tenor Elie Sawaya who sang for love and charity.


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