Posted by: ellefersan | October 16, 2011

Nasawiya and YCC on a roll-up-your-sleeves campaign to stop sexual harassment

Have you heard of the “Adventures of Salwa”? If you have been watching local TV channels or have attended movie theaters lately, chances are you have!

This Nasawiya national lead campaign addresses one of Lebanon’s long term taboos impacting almost every family if not every girl or woman in Lebanon. Whether verbal or physical, sexual harassment is any form of unwelcome sexual advances, whenever someone violates another’s body or space and making the victim feel uncomfortable. Sexual harassment happens everywhere: on the streets, in public transportation, in the workplace, at school and university, at home… Power dynamics are the principle reason behind sexual harassment and the media in Lebanon is promoting and normalizing sexual harassment by amplifying the objectification of women and their bodies. Fighting sexual harassment is not easy; there is not a ready-made recipe, one needs to make the proper decision depending on the situation.

YCC wanted to contribute in spreading the “Adventures of Salwa” campaign by hosting a discussion group organized by Nasawiya for women in the region: Zouk Mikael, Sarba, Aintoura, Jeita, Sahel Alma, etc… on Friday October 7th, 2011.

On the collective level, the Adventures of Salwa campaign is working on short-term and long-term steps to end sexual harassment and to empower women to provide them with tools to confront harassers.


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