Posted by: Joelle El Bittar | September 9, 2011

Global Battle Of the Bands at Zouk Mikaelc Amphitheater

A vibrant public of 1200 celebrated Lebanese Rock Music during the misty evening of the Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB), held on Saturday August 13  2011 at the Roman Amphitheater – Zouk Mikaël.

Seven bands competed for the Finale of Lebanon’s Global Battle of the Bands, an international competition where bands of all music styles compete and get worldwide exposure. Organized by Rockring, in collaboration with the Youth and Culture Center – Zouk Mikaël and S.M.I.L.E. Together, this event was sponsored by Mozart Chahine, Harley Davidson, Radio One, Quicksilver, Sky Beirut, Alien Workshop, Habitat, Analog, Vulture Sound Productions, Grind Studios, Audionese, Freakshow, Time Out Beirut, Beirut Night Life, Roch n Bach &

The seven finalist bands out of 29 participating in the competition made it through a two months qualification process: In Sanity, Limelight, Arctic IX, Episode, Nocturna, The Passive Standouts, and Homemade, all presented their own genuine music which ranged from Rock, Punk to Heavy Metal.

After a first round, The Passive Standouts (Douche Kebbab), Homemade (Gone in Minutes) & Episode (I Am Divine ) qualified for the next round, performing their second song in front of an experienced jury keen on ensuring a proper representation of Lebanon abroad.

Vik Bajak, Shant Bajak, Marc El Hosry, Hisham El Shemaly, Simon El Khoury, Bassem Deaibess, Pedro Geara had difficult choices to make while the audience cheered equally for the three finalists.

As most Lebanese bands do not have a chance in the commercial world of today’s local music business to make it and succeed, The Passive Standouts got a seat at the GBOB World Final which will take place in Romania, May 2012, competing against 35 other countries. World Final prize is a band development package of $100,000 USD.


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