Posted by: Joelle El Bittar | July 12, 2011

A cd launch full of colors of hope and happiness!

In a magical setting, the CD “I Believe” by Roland M. was launched on Friday, June 24, in the presence of a warm audience of 200 people, all gathered in the public garden of Zouk Mikael.

Organized in collaboration with the Youth and Culture Center, the launching ceremony started with a welcoming note and thanks by Stephanie Jabre:

“For those who don’t know us, we simply say that we are passionate about music and writing, and we believe in the power of a song … This album, is our way to give the world a bit of hope and happiness … We hope that this album will become your road companion, and by listening to our songs you will experience moments of serenity and gentleness. We believe and we wish that tonight, when each one of you leaves here, he will be able to say, I too “Believe “.
Following these words, Roland M. played his 6 main tracks from the album, accompanied by his guitar, vibrant with joy.  “I dream”, “Give,” a special dedication to friends through the track

“You the friend”, “I believe ” the awaited song, “Listen to your heart ” a duet with Stephanie, and “My Happiness “which inflamed the audience.

The evening ended with a friendly toast and dedications, on the rhythm of album’s songs. Waiting for a next concert, the guests left with the hope of a new shiny and bright down …

“I Believe” by Roland M.
An album of 12 French songs
Interpretation and composition: Roland Mattar
Lyrics: Stephanie Jabre and Roland Mattar

Musical arrangements: Walid Sarrouh

Recording and mixing: Ralph Sleiman


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