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Raphaëlle Ivery seduces for the last time the Lebanese public at Zouk Mikaël

The Opera Diva, Soprano Coloratura, Raphaëlle Ivery ended her tour in Lebanon at the Youth and Culture – Zouk Mikaël. The evening entitled “The Great Romantic Operas Melodies” was held on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 in collaboration with the French Cultural Centre – Jounieh and sponsored by Lebanon Development Union – LDU.

The event was attended by The Honorable Hilary Childs-Adams, Ambassador of Canada to Lebanon, His Excellency Dr. Youssef Zougheib, General Consul of San Marino in Lebanon, Mayor Nouhad Naufal, Mr. Etienne Louys, Director of CCF-Tripoli, Ms. Melodie Bardin, Director of CCF-Jounieh, Ms. Crystel El Chayeb, Secretary General of Lebanon Development Union, Mukhtara Josiane Khalil, President of the league of Mukhtars of Kesserwan-Ftouh région, and municipal Council members Vice-Mayor Elie Beaino, Dr. Maroun Massaad and Mr. Elie Zougheib. A number of poets and artists were present among whom Poet Suzy El Hage, Singer Yorgo Elka, Composers Iyad Kanaan and Youssef Bou Khalil, and Singers Gaby and Georgette Farah.

This audience who chose to attend in large numbers this recital of Soprano Raphaëlle Ivery, winner of several Gold medals at the National Conservatory of Paris, accompanied by her pianist Sabalbal Mohammad, has not had to regret his choice. From Gounod and Verdi, through Mozart or Puccini, Raphaëlle Ivery, attentive to her audience, gave some keys, before each performance, to help them understand the various works of the Romantic repertoire, in which alliances, betrayals, intrigues and dramas were common to this genre.



Ivery showed a perfect mastery of her voice of warm colors that have wonderfuly enterpreted this repertoire with a clear diction. The recital ended in crecendo highlighted by Ivery’s intense and dramaturgy interpretation of the air of Wally Catalini.

The audience won and applauded wildly after “an encore” in the shape of wink. That evening, an appreciative crowd of connaiseurs and amateurs regretted that recitals of this kind and of such quality are no longer programmed.


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