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« From Sevilla to Beirut », an Andalousian Flamenco show honoring the International Danse Day at Zouk Mikaël

« From Sevilla to Beirut », an Andalousian Flamenco show honoring the International Dance Day at Zouk Mikaël

Under the High Auspices of the Spanish Embassy in Lebanon, and with the support of Lebanon Development Union, the Youth and Culture Center – Zouk Mikaël, in collaboration with « Flamenco en Beirut » organised a gypsy Flamenco show entitled « From Sevilla to Beirut » featuring Josele Miranda, accompanied by Raya Haddad and the Flamenco en Beirut Dance company.

The event was attended by HE Mr. Juan Carlos Gaffo, Spanish ambassador to Lebanon, Ms. Claudia Maroun, in charge of the cutlural affaires at the Mexican embassy, Mr. Nouhad Naufal, Mayor of Zouk Mikael, Dr. Maroun Masaad, Municipal Council Member, Poet Henri Zougheib, Ms. Fadia Yared, president of Flamenco en Beirut and Crystel El Chayeb, Secretary General of Lebanon Development Union (LDU).

The program was devided into 5 categories of dances all taken from the traditional andalousian and gypsy flamenco directory, recently recognized as part of the « immaterial patrimony of humanity ».

Tireless and passionate Josele Miranda gives no account, and when he dances, he owns the stage. The force and magnitude that emerge from the deep communication he has with the audience makes him a great performer. His companion in this show, Raya Haddad, a disciple of the famous Bailora Yalda Younes is certainly a new hope of Flamenco in Lebanon.


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