Posted by: ellefersan | April 9, 2011

“The Elixir of Respect” a Muppet Show at YCC

In collaboration with the German Cultural Center – Jounieh and Club Les Amis de la Suisse au Liban, the Youth and Culture Center – Zouk Mikaël organized a muppet show entitled “The Elixir of Respect” presented by the Muppeteers “Les Amis des Marionnettes” – Friends of the Muppets – on Saturday April 9, 2011. The show, inspired by Honore De Balzac famous saying: “we respect a man that respects himself”, aims at initiating young children to civic education and moral values such as respect and tolerance.

In the beautiful city of Malo everyone is shouting, angry and upset; it is chaos. The police officer does not know where to start! But the nasty witch Brouhaha is thrilled!

Malo, seeking calm and meditation, meets the Woods Fairy who advises him to visit the wise Magus. But the road is full of ambushes and difficulties, to reach the end Malo has to be perseverant, tolerant and respectful. With the help of the audience, Malo finally reaches his destination and meets the wise Magus who unveils to him the ingredients of the recipe to make the “Elixir of Respect” and gives him a bottle to go. Malo heads back to his city to give the potion to the whole population and most importantly to Brouhaha the witch.

Les Amis des Marionnettes were very skillful in using different kinds of Muppets: string and live hand Muppets, triangle and shade Muppets.



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