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“Tales from the Golden Age” perspectives of a comic communism at YCC

SEM TANASE Me NAUFAL SEM_GAFOUnder the High Patronage of the Ambassador of Romania to Lebanon H.E. Mr. Daniel TANASE, the Youth and Culture Center – Zouk Mikaël organized a Cine-Club to discuss the comic movie “Tales from the Golden age” by Christian MUNGIU. The event was attended by H.E. Mr. Juan Carlos GAFO, Ambassador of Spain to Lebanon, the First Secretary of the Romanian embassy Dr. Dan STOENESCU, Ms. Elza FENET, Chief of the political, economical and cultural press section at the European Union Delegation to Lebanon, the Mayor of Zouk Mikaël Mr. Nouhad NAUFAL, the Secretary General of the Lebanon Development Union (LDU) Crystel EL CHAYEB, and a number of filmgoers.

The Director of Programs and Public Relations at the YCC Ms. Eliane FERSAN began by introducing this first collaboration with SEM TANASEthe Romanian Embassy within the framework of the Francophone month, followed by a presentation held by H.E Mr. TANASE about Romania and its French cultural heritage dating back to the 18th Century, era of the Phanariot Princes. The Head of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik Dr. Josef CHEMALY presented the movie that was followed by a very animated discussion revolving around the tales of a communism from both the Oriental and European perspectives.

SEM TANASE entoure par l'amicale Libano-RoumaineNominated 3 times for the Palme d’or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009, Tales from the Golden age is composed of five short stories connected by their mood, their narrative pattern as well as their historical context: the only car brand we can see everywhere in the streets is the locally produced Dacia; everybody makes a living by robbing the State; the party orders must be followed no matter how illogical or absurd they were.  With their comic, bizarre, and surprising aspects, these legends are based on the surrealistic events often witnessed within the communist regime. Humor was the lifesaver of the Romanians back then, and Tales from the Golden age, seeks to recreate this atmosphere by portraying a nation struggling for survival everyday and having to face the twisted logic of dictatorship. Tales from the Golden age conveys the twilight of Ceaucescu’s communist dictatorship; the “Tales” in question are comic or terrifying urban legends that were whispered among ordinary people.


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