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In April 2009, the town of Zouk Mikaël inaugurated the first municipal cultural complex in Lebanon: the Youth and Culture Center (YCC), which municipal and public purpose ambitions creating an interactive cultural space, away from linguistic and religious cleavages. This project is in short, a “cultural revolution”, that came to life thanks to the faith, enthusiasm and energy of a cohesive and winning team: Me Nouhad Naufal, President of the Municipality of Zouk seconded by Ms. Eliane Fersan, Director of Programs and Public Relations, and a dozen employees’ work.Yasmina Alvarez

Only two years young, the YCC has already presented more than 250 cultural events from art exhibitions to concerts, and conferences, not to mention the ongoing activities such as computer workshops, artistic creation and harbors a media library, rich of thousands of books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, newspapers, etc.

The latest event offered, the “Flamenco and Spanish Dance” show, was put up in collaboration with the cultural association “Flamenco in Beirut.” YCC’s partner for this event, “Flamenco in Beirut” Lebanon, is a community dedicated to Flamenco, recently recognized as part of the “intangible heritage of humanity”. Founded in 2005 by Fadia Yared, this association aims to promote flamenco in all its forms: music, cinema, literature, painting, but also and above all the dancing that is the most expressive way.

Carlos Rodriguez & Yasmina AlvarezYCC and Fadia Yared combined their expertise and passion to present the public with a show of flamenco and Spanish dance entitled “Con Aire Español”, performed by two dancers, laureates of the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, Carlos Rodriguez and Yasmina Pineda Alvarez, whose beauty, talent and virtuosity is breathtaking.

Among the audience, HE Gafo Juan Carlos, Spanish Ambassador to Lebanon and HE Daurella Teresa, Spanish Ambassador in Khartoum, the cultural attaché at the Bulgarian Embassy in Lebanon Mrs. Yulia Pirgozlieva, the poet Henry Zgheib, the Mayor of Zouk Mikael Nouhad Naufal and the composer Iyad Kanaan. Eliane Fersan, Director of Programs and Public Relations, introduced the artists to the public and promised the spectators an even greater Flamenco show in the month of May. The program was divided into 3 parts, representative of contemporary flamenco dance, choreographed by Carlos Rodriguez.

1 / VINO Y ROSAS: The centerpiece of Astor Piazzola, interpreted by the “Nuevo Tango” ensemble. A flamenca interpretation of this Argentine Tango, which offers a dazzling display in the play of castanets.

2 / EL DESAMOR: “Sevillana”, the Andalusian dance par excellence, revisited on a flamenco-jazz mode with nostalgic notes.

3 / TANGOS: “tangos” is one of the “palos” (styles) of the purest flamenco repertoire. Carlos and Yasmina interpret a traditional “tangos”, accompanied by the warm and eclectic voice of Estrella Morente, daughter of the legendary flamenco singer Enrique Morente.

A moment of enchantment, of magic … an unforgettable show that has been unanimously applauded by the enthusiastic audience, captivated by the talents of two exceptional dancers.


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