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Computer Course

  • Internet and Microsoft Principles

The Youth and Culture Center, licensed by Microsoft Corporation, offers a course on Internet and Microsoft Principles. This course is an introduction to the world of computing and basics. It covers different applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) used to improve various working skills, and personal competences such as communication and organizing.

24 sessions will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to 11h30am, and from 8 to 9h30 pm (90min) starting from 25 January till 19 April 2011.

Our computer lab will be open during office hours to help student practice and ask questions: T-Th from 11h30am till 1h00pm.

Deadline for registration: Monday, January 31, 2011.

A certificate will be delivered from YCC and Microsoft upon completion and achievement of the course.

Fees: 100$

Telephone: 09-213217 | 03-535329

  • Internet and Microsoft Principles Syllabus

IMP – 101

Fall – 2010/2011— T-Th. 10:00 /11:30

Instructor: Ms. Swaleen Abboud


Office Hours: T –Th. 11:30/ 13:00

Tel: 09 – 213 217


New Horizons, Computer Learning Centers – Microsoft

Course description:

This course is an introduction to the world of computing and internet basics. It covers different applications and programs used to improve various working skills, and personal competences such as: communication & organizing.

Course objectives:

1- To acquaint the individual’s knowledge on computer background and history;

2- To give a well based notion on Microsoft software’s and applications, such as Word, Excel and Power Point;

3- To understand internet history and obtain knowledge on how to use the internet to meet daily needs, whether social, cultural, and even financial.

Course Method:

This is a lecture and application course. The classroom is equipped with computers which the students are entitled to use during the class to practice learned skills.


The student’s attendance in class is imperative. This will contribute to his/her own learning. His/her knowledge will be always enriched and extended by the interaction with other class members and with the instructor.

Course Outline:

  • Week 1: (Jan. 25, 27)


Exploring the Computer Environment.

Managing Files

  • Week 2: (Feb. 1, 3)

Word 101 / 102

Creating a Basic Document

Editing a document

  • Week 3: (Feb. 8, 10)

Formatting Text and Paragraph

Controlling Page Appearance

  • Week 4:     (Feb. 15, 17)

Adding Tables & Inserting Graphic Elements

Proofing and Printing a Document

  • Week 5: (Feb. 22, 24)

Review Session


  • Week 6: (Mar. 1, 3)

Excel 101

Getting Started with Excel, Manipulating Data

Modifying a Worksheet’s Layout

  • Week 7: (Mar. 8, 10)

Managing and Formatting Worksheets

Calculating Data


  • Week 8:      (Mar. 15, 17)

Power Point 101

Using the application, developing a presentation

Adding Text and Images, Using a Slide Master

  • Week 9: (Mar. 22, 24)

Adding Slide Show Effects

Preparing to deliver a presentation


  • Week 10: (Mar. 29, 31)

Introduction to the Internet with a brief history

Create a mail, using msn

  1. Week 11: (Apr. 5, 7)

Create a Facebook account

Manage Facebook account

  • Week 12:      (Apr. 12, 14)

Internet Search Engine

Exam 4

  • Week 13:      (Apr. 19)

Delivery of Certificates


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