Posted by: Sola | October 25, 2010

Migrants from the Ottoman Empire and its successor states to the colonial Philippines, 1860s to 1940s

In the Honoring Presence of the Ambassador of the Philippines in Lebanon H. E. Mr. Gilberto Asuque

The Lebanese Emigration Research Center In cooperation with The Department of Management and Marketing of The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at Notre Dame University – Louaizé. Has the pleasure to invite you to a lecture entitled
Migrants from the Ottoman Empire and its successor states to the colonial Philippines, 1860s to 1940s”

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PRESENTED BY DR. WILLIAM GERVASE CLARENCE-SMITH, Professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, UK.

The lecture will take place at the Youth and Culture Center (YCC) – Zouk Mikayel Municipality on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 7 pm

Discussion and Refreshments to follow.

Biography: Clarence-Smith is Professor of the Economic History of Asia
and Africa at SOAS, University of London. Professor Clarence-Smith
teaches History of Islamic Reform in Southeast Asia, and Research
Methods in History. He has published many articles and chapters on
diasporas, including one on Middle Easterners in the Philippines in
Asian Journal of Social Science in 2004.

Précis: The lecture discusses the evolution of the Ottoman subjects’
migration to the Philippines from 1869 till 1946. It highlights the
economic and social status of the migrants from the Ottoman Empire to
the Philippines. The lecture presents the history of Middle Eastern
emigration to the Philippines with emphasis on the development of the
Middle Eastern communities from peddlers in the late 1800’s to
pioneers in manufacturing and trade in the 1900’s. Many waves of
Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians, Iraqis and Egyptians arrived in the
Philippines and integrated into the society through their religious
affiliation to Roman Catholicism and through marriage with Filipinas.

For confirmation, please contact 09-218950 ext 2328/2262

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