Posted by: Sola | June 11, 2010

Switzerland in Zouk Mikaël: film screening, exhibition and traditional cheese!

The Youth and Culture Center (YCC) – Zouk Mikaël, organized in collaboration with the German Cultural Center in Jounieh and the Swiss Club in Lebanon, a movie screening over the movie of Henry Dunant, “Red on the Cross” underlining the creation of the Red Cross organization.
Were present, the First Collaborator at the Swiss Embassy
in Lebanon Ms. Carine Carey, the president of the
Federation of municipalities of Kesserouan-Ftouh and
President of the Municipality of Zouk Mikaël Mr. Nouhad Naufal, the President of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN), Mr. Amin Nehme, the Secretary General of the Lebanon Development Union (LDU), Ms. Crystel El Chayeb, Swiss Club members and a crowd of interested people.

Ms. Eliane Fersan, Director of programs and Public Relations at YCC thanked the German Cultural Center in the person of Ms. Astrid Fisher for this collaboration, and Mr. Laurent Paratte, professor at the School of Lausanne – Switzerland, for organizing the exhibition “Landscapes: Switzerland and its literature” which was visited by more than 1,000 students from the different regions of Lebanon during the months of May and June 2010.

Following the movie screening, Ms. Fisher invited the audience to visit the exhibition held at the library of the YCC. To add another Swiss touch to the event, the first Lebanese cheese maker, M. Georges Khalil who produces artisanal cheese according to the tradition of the Swiss Alps was there to introduce the audience to the Swiss cheese flavor with a spice of Lebanese wine.

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