Posted by: Sola | July 24, 2009

Book signing ceremony: Mireille Saab “Sakanta insaniyyati” (you dwelled in my being)

The Youth and Culture Center, Zouk Mikaël hosted the book signing of “Sakanta insaniyyati”, the new release of Miss Mireille Saab on Friday July 24, 2009 at 8h00 p.m. at the center’s auditorium.

Rev.Macarios Jabbour, Mireille Saab, Hicham Ajour

Reverend Makarios Jabbour, who has known Miss Saab since her young age, unveiled her passion for reading and her talent for writing. His words lauded her as an intuitive short-story writer, wishing her more progress and success in her endeavor.
In 2004, “Al jiz’ al mouzlem min wajhika” (The obscure side of your face), the young writer’s first publication, was co-authored with Reverend Jabbour. The book was an essay reflecting on feelings, altruism and thoughts, as well as the dynamics of reaching out to others and digging into oneself.

Five years later, “sakanta insaniyyati” still reflects the major theme in Saab’s work “internal quest and meditation” as she writes about characters struggling in a world that is obliterating their identities. Every character in her novel finds a different way to reach his lost humanity, captivating the reader throughout a long journey of struggles seeking lost identities and scattered dreams during a period of ephemeral illusions. In the midst of social, religious, and sexual rotten values, people exist in the oblivion of their humanity, whereas only by striving for freedom and abolishing the moral restraints of their patriarchal society that they can be liberated.

Mayor Naufal & Mireille Saab

The book relays the burden of the constant quest for love, lost childhood, and portrays an emotional state of nostalgic longing for home in the era of sacrifices and compromises.

This book is available at the Youth and Culture Center – Zouk Mikaël and soon in bookstores – Unit price: 10$

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